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Paw-shaped magnets available in a variety of phrases and sayings.


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6 Mini Paws A Dog Is The Only Relative You Get To Choose A Sleeping Dog Is A Good Excuse Not To Make The Bed
SKU: P001
SKU: P033
SKU: P102
As A Matter Of Fact The World Does Revolve Around My Cat As A Matter Of Fact The World Does Revolve Around My Dog Beware My Dog Has Issues
SKU: P212
SKU: P061
SKU: P012
Bite Me Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Dog Lady
SKU: P005
SKU: P220
SKU: P118
Dog Hair ... Dont Care Dog Loves Politicians, Says They Taste Like Chicken Dog Loves Strangers, Says They Taste Like Chicken
SKU: P137
SKU: P127
SKU: P009
Dogs Are Children You Don't Have To Send To College Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun Dogs Laugh With Their Tails
SKU: P098
SKU: P035
SKU: P085
Dogs Welcomed People Tolerated Every Dog Has It's Day Everything I Learned About Sarcasm I Learned From My Cat
SKU: P104
SKU: P133
SKU: P208
Friends Don't Let Friends Litter. Please Spay And Neuter. Fur Kids On Board Get The Bark Outta Here!
SKU: P131
SKU: P019
SKU: P053
Got Bones? Handle Stress Like A Dog, Just Piss And Walk Away! Have You Hugged Your Dog Today?
SKU: P057
SKU: P087
SKU: P052
High Five For Trump Paw Magnet Hot Cars Kill Dogs Husband And Dog Missing... Reward For Dog
SKU: HC001
SKU: P044
I (Heart) My Cats I (Heart) My Dog I (HEART) My Rescue
SKU: P216
SKU: P114
SKU: P138
I (Heart) My Rescue Cats I (HEART) My Rescue Dogs I Bite Ugly People
SKU: P224
SKU: P139
SKU: P071
I Hate To Ask This But... Am I Adopted? I HEART My Grand Kitties I Kiss My Dog On The Lips
SKU: P060
SKU: P219
SKU: P045
I Kissed A Dog & I Liked It I Like Big Mutts I Love My Fat Cat
SKU: P129
SKU: P130
SKU: P217
I Love My Grand Dog I Love My Grand Puppies I Love My Grandcat
SKU: P016
SKU: P116
SKU: P205
I Love My Grandcats I Luv My Cat I May Not Be Perfect ... But My Dog Thinks I Am
SKU: P226
SKU: P202
SKU: P140
I Rescued My Best Friend I Said A Walk Not A Ride! I Sleep With Dogs
SKU: P025
SKU: P095
SKU: P007
I Want My Dog's Life I Was Fixed But I Didn't Know I Was Broken
SKU: P123
SKU: P099