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Paw-shaped magnets available in a variety of phrases and sayings.


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Foster Dad Foster Mom My Dog And I Support EMT's Paw Magnet
SKU: FP001
SKU: FP002
My Dog And I Support Firefighters Paw Magnet My Cat And I Support Firefighters Paw Magnet My Dog And I Support The Police Paw Magnet
My Cat And I Support The Police Paw Magnet Hot Cars Kill Dogs 6 Mini Paws
SKU: HC001
SKU: P001
Back Off Stop Pawgating I'm Barking And I Can't Shut Up Bite Me
SKU: P003
SKU: P004
SKU: P005
Who Rescued Who? I Sleep With Dogs Danger Vehicle Pawtected By Highly Trained Attack Dog
SKU: P006
SKU: P007
SKU: P008
Dog Loves Strangers, Says They Taste Like Chicken You May Get In, But You Wont Get Out In Dogs We Trust
SKU: P009
SKU: P010
SKU: P011
Beware My Dog Has Issues The Best Things In Life Are Furry Proud Owner Of A Rescued Dog
SKU: P012
SKU: P013
SKU: P015
I Love My Grand Dog The More Men I Meet - The More I Love My Dog Fur Kids On Board
SKU: P016
SKU: P017
SKU: P019
You Had Me At Woof Who's Your Doggie? WOOF
SKU: P020
SKU: P021
SKU: P022
My Grandchild Is A Dog Woof If You Support Rescue I Rescued My Best Friend
SKU: P023
SKU: P024
SKU: P025
Magnificent Mutt On Board Recycle Adopt A Shelter Pet If My Dog Doesn't Like You Neither Do I
SKU: P026
SKU: P027
SKU: P028
We Love Our Grand Dogs My Name Is No No Bad Dog What's Yours Who Needs A Therapist... I Have My Dog
SKU: P029
SKU: P030
SKU: P031
My Dog Is Smarter Than The President A Dog Is The Only Relative You Get To Choose My Dog Behaves Better Than Your Kid
SKU: P032
SKU: P033
SKU: P034
Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun My Dog Is My B.F.F. You Don't Need A Pedigree To Be A Best Friend
SKU: P035
SKU: P036
SKU: P037
It's All About My Dog! Love Me Love My Dog No My Window Isn't Dirty It's The Dog's Noseprints
SKU: P038
SKU: P039
SKU: P040
Therapy Dogs Are Life Savers Blaming It On The Dog... Priceless Some Days I Just Wanna Pee On Everything
SKU: P041
SKU: P042
SKU: P043
Husband And Dog Missing... Reward For Dog I Kiss My Dog On The Lips
SKU: P044
SKU: P045